The Story of Traditional Thai Massage

​​Traditional Thai massage is based on ancient Indian yoga teachings, largely handed down through generations via temples and practitioners throughout Thailand, There are a number of types of traditional Thai massage, however they all incorporate pressure points and often vigorous and deep tissue massage techniques to achieve their therapeutic qualities.


The best Thai traditional massage practitioners are regularly those who have learnt their craft intuitively. Even though their skills might have been enhanced by formal study, the most effective are often those who served an apprenticeship, in and around their local villages and temples, learning the correct ways to apply techniques for stretching the body; providing a vigorous massage style targeting effective pressure points; applying deep tissue massage using acupressure point techniques, which untie those deep knots and stimulate the blood flow.

Thai Traditional Massage can also be very effective with relieving pain around the neck and shoulders, as well as stimulating and improving blood flow around the feet and body, in general.

At Chum Pa Traditional Thai Massage in Bay Street Brighton, our therapists give you the opportunity to discover the benefits of true, Thai Traditional Massage, as it is practised in Thailand.

We offer a full range of Traditional Thai Massage techniques right here in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton, including:

Traditional Vigorous Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Massage (with or without oil)

Focus is on stretching and working with pressure points around the body to ease muscle tension and improve blood flow.

Relaxation Massage with Oils
Relaxation Oil Massage

Gentle massage technique to create a sense of calm and allow you to unwind.

Thai Style Head Neck and Shoulder Massage
Head, Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage

Recommended for office workers and others who suffer as result of repetitive work and general body movements.

Thai Style Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

This massage applies intense pressure as the therapist works on relieving stress around muscle knots.

Thai Style Massage
Combination Thai and Oil Massage

Combines a sense of calm with the more vigorous style of Traditional Thai massage.

Thai Style Foot and Leg Massage
Foot & Leg Massage

For those who stand or walk over long periods and suffer from general foot discomfort.

Our Thai Massage Treatments

All massages are tailored to your needs by our experienced Thai Massage Therapists. We are experts in all modes of authentic Thai-style deep-tissue body work.

Massage Options
  • 30 minutes........ $50
  • 45 minutes........ $75
  • 60 minutes........ $85
  • 90 minutes........ $120
  • 120 minutes........ $150

Our rates are by time, and include GST, with no additional charge for massage style or materials, such as herbal balls and oils.

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